Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to be notified when your bill will be switched over, a representative will be more than happy to monitor your account for you to see when the switch will take place. Until then, you should receive a card in the mail from ERCOT giving you information about your switching process.
Online payments might be an option that will be offered to our customers in the future.
No, we do not require deposits whatsoever. If your credit check has been declined, a deposit will still not be accepted for service. Unfortunately, you will have to find a different provider.
There are absolutely no monthly service charges or hidden fees. The only charges you will incur on your bill will be your usage times your chosen rate to determine your amount; along with tax.
At this time, there aren’t any discounts for seniors or disabled customers. This might be an option offered in the future.
You can expect to receive your bill 30-45 days after your start date with your new provider.
Monthly statements can be issued by regular mail or email. Once you receive your first bill, feel free to contact our customer service department if you would like to receive your bill via email.
If you have tried to sign up online and it is unsuccessful, feel free to contact your TDSP (whoever owns your utility lines), and ask them for your ESI ID number. Once you receive your ESI ID number, you should be able to sign up online.
Unfortunately at this time, there aren’t any discounts for people on a fixed income or low income assistance.

Electricity Rate Guide

Electric rates are for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Customer pricing will be final only after signing an electric provider’s service agreement. Not all of the cities in our service areas have electric choices and our pricing is based on area rates.

The average price per kWh is displayed for each of our retail electric providers and is based on 1,000 kWh per month usage. It is inclusive of fixed and variable local charges. The price disclosed for each retail electric provider is an example based on average usage patterns. Your actual average price for electric service will vary according to your actual electricity usage.

All of the rates are gathered from the “Electricity Facts Label” of each retail electric provider. Please note that electricity service offers can be fixed or variable and that a variable rate may change throughout your contract. A fixed rate, however, is guaranteed for the term of a contract.

Contact us with any questions you have about our services. Our electricity FAQ is suited for customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Texas.

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